Mean Stack framework: Thriving Blockchain Development

Mean Stack framework: Thriving Blockchain Development

In the past few years, blockchain has become an attractive factor behind most of our thoughts of integrating businesses with the same. Blockchain being too fascinating for its future is more than only ‘blocks’ and ‘chains’ that it sounds like. Serving us numerous business, development, and project building options, our understanding of blockchain brings us near to acceptance for its implementation. 

The basic understanding of blockchain is that it is the root structure required for application building. Therefore for developing and deploying an application on the blockchain, a strong technical framework is required.

MEAN Stack is one such technically strong framework that can help build robust applications, and before furthering we know in-depth about the same. 

Referring to a collection of JavaScript technologies, MEAN Stack is a costless open source stack, offering an efficient method for creating rapid prototypes for web-based applications. Each letter in MEAN Represents its components: MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js.

MongoDB → It is a Document database used by back-end applications to store their data as JSON documents. It can assign the run-time space for the data records.

Express.js → It is a back-end web application framework that runs above Node.js.

Angular.js → It is a front-end web app framework that runs JavaScript code in the user browser, enabling dynamic UI in the application. 

Node.js → It is a JavaScript runtime environment that enables implementing an application back-end in JavaScript.

The Mean Stack framework is highly scalable, flexible, and fast performing for web applications. Being a cross-platform, it has a precise formation for efficient interaction between the components.

Reading above, we see that integrating Blockchain and MEAN Stack will enable us to build and maintain a safe, seamless, user-friendly, and error-free application. Moving further, we will now learn about the reasons to implement MEAN Stack for blockchain business applications and take the business to the next level!

Reasons to use MEAN Stack for Blockchain development:


  1. The Platform →
    Being an independent platform is the best thing about MEAN Stack which comes handy with development and deployment. It doesn’t require any specific configuration for deployment. This feature opens numerous options and eliminates various issues that we may encounter in other full-stack frameworks.

  2. Versatility →
    Being a combination of highly flexible elements, MEAN Stack eases the development process as well as the complexities involved in it. Making changes while development is easier in MongoDB as it is open source. Also, reloading the entire table is not required while adding a file in the database. MongoDB can also handle a large amount of data while easing the expansion of available resources for databases.

  3. It is open source →
    Used by open-sourced freely available technologies, the open-source aspect of MEAN Stack provides access to the codes of each involved component to edit and change it as needed.
    It fetches numerous solutions as well as innovative ideas to reach them. Saving the development time, it helps receive feature-rich, high-end results.

  4. One for all Language →
    Eliminating the developer’s complexity to connect client and server, MEAN Stack uses JAVA for everything. This also removes translation hassle, as both applications as well as database use JAVA Script. This eases the object movement between database and back-end without friction. MEAN Stack eases the transition between client and server with Node.js present as a web server.

  5. An all in one package →
    MEAN Stack is a complete package comprising efficiency, speed, and scalability all because of Node.js which is an important part of it. By not using the blocking structure Node.js made runtime fast and scalable. With Node.js handling everything automatically. MEAN Stack clients do not require to direct a request for query creation. With JavaScript being the one for all languages, MEAN Stack saves a huge cost involved.

  6. Supporting community →
    MEAN Stack has a huge supporting community since ever, ranging from individuals to corporate entities. Any MEAN Stack developer is sure to get all the needed help from its vast community in having abundant experience in the technologies making MEAN Stack. 

The MEAN Stack definitely provides a better way to develop and implement blockchain with the end product being responsive and optimized.
Due to its versatility, MEAN Stack is employed as one of the most common programming languages, suitable for developing web applications too. Therefore, being one of the most active MEAN Stack communities across the world, W3villa is a MEAN Stack development company, that provides expert MEAN Stack developers. You can hire MEAN Stack developers at W3villa to analyze your needs and assist you in web app development. 

Various key features of our MEAN Stack development services include:-

  1. Simple and fast coding using only JavaScript.
  2. Boosting the transcendence in web application projects using the latest tech stack.
  3. Easy to develop and cloud introducing with full cluster support and automatic replication.
  4. Implementation of JSON by our team of experts to offer a repository for the protected database.

MEAN Stack shows up as a brighter future for web development as it has left behind various old tech stacks with its latest ones. Therefore, concluding everything, MEAN Stack undoubtedly is a perfect choice, as long as dynamic web development is concerned.

W3villa Technologies

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