Prerequisites To Create A PhotoWonder Workalike

Prerequisites To Create A PhotoWonder Workalike

With various social media sites gaining popularity since the past decade, the major reason behind these is the images specifically the selfies users post. For the same, users want to look the best for which they require an effective tool to edit their pictures.
Some social media platforms like Instagram provide their own photo filters which are never enough. This is where the photo editors like Photo Wonder come into play. 

Being at the right place to learn more about PhotoWonder, you may read further to know what PhotoWonder is and how to create a photo editor application like that? To know about its business model and how to replicate PhotoWonder, you should first know about what PhotoWonder is?

What is PhotoWonder?

With around 496,772 downloads, PhotoWonder is a Chinese photo-editing mobile application That provides you over a dozen filters and adds various effects and attractive details to your pictures. 

The popularity of PhotoWonder lies in the following success factors:-

  • Easy to edit all types of pictures.
  • Numerous filters and tools.
  • Tools to enhance looks, body shape, etc.

Various Features...

PhotoWonder has photo editing as well as certain camera-related features enabling users to edit pictures and add various frames and filters. These features include:-

  • Filter Camera
    1. You can add real-time filters and effects while capturing photos and selfies.
    2. You can swipe through and change various filters to capture your perfect photo. 
  • Photo Editing 
    1. You can easily crop, rotate, resize, and adjust brightness and contrast of your pictures.
    2. You can paint your pictures with special mosaic brushes to stand out.
    3. You can sharpen and add a vignette to your pictures to give them a different look.

Major steps to create an app like PhotoWonder

To make a perfect photo editor application, you should follow certain steps:-

  1. You should be well versed with market needs and competitor solution
  2. Hire expert in-house developers or partner with a reliable mobile app development company.
  3. Carefully select the basic features of your application.
  4. Choose the right Tech-Stack for your app.
  5. Develop the application and launch the MVP version first. 
  6. Always develop the best marketing strategy and look for ways to monetize the application.
  7. Add the most unique possible features to make your app stand out.
  8. In the end, release your mobile app on the app store and keep it updated from time to time. 

Developing an application similar to PhotoWonder isn’t as tough as rocket science, especially when India has a pool of experienced and certified developers that can build one with better variations. Major development companies like W3villa Technologies have all the right kind of expertise, the latest tech stack, and a team to fill the leftover gaps of 59 Chinese applications.  W3villa provides the best possible consultation for your application development. Like many other overseas firms, you can also hire our developers from India, for your projects. W3villa contributes to society by employing the country’s talent for its own country turning it into a stronger economic nation

W3villa Technologies

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