An Agile framework: Why Python stays in 2021?

An Agile framework: Why Python stays in 2021?

2021 will be marked as the year of Python programming language’s 30th anniversary. By attaining 456% growth in its three decades tenure Python has trashed most other programming languages. 

In 2020, Tech giants like Google and Reddit, Facebook, PayPal, Instagram, Netflix, and Dropbox choose Python coding language but attaining this level of success wasn’t easy at all. The fact behind this achievement is that Python is a multi-purpose language which means it can be implemented in mobile and web app development, scientific computing, game development, and system administration.

If you are any way interested in Python web development, Remember that it has no expiration date.  

With its remarkable achievement in three decades, Python has given a few reasons too, as why it would stay in and beyond 2021. Therefore, here we bring some of those reasons to justify Python’s sustainability: 

Easy to learn → 

Even the beginners themselves require Less time and fewer resources to learn and start implementing Python as compared to Java or C++. Which is why Python is now called an accessible, straightforward and complex syntax free Language.

In the reign of dominant and non-user-friendly C and C++ languages, Python was created with utmost simplicity. The basic philosophy of Python’s syntax is based on the following three principles:
a) readability counts
b) beautiful results and
c) simplicity

This, on reading the codes, makes it easier to figure out what it does.

High-level language → 

Python tops the high-level programming languages chart, defeating Ruby, Java, C,  and C++ as it uses English abbreviations resembling words to form instructions. Developers prefer Python over other languages as while coding, Python makes it easier for them to concentrate on the task instead of how the computer works.

Cross-platform Language → 

Providing utmost convenience to the developers, Python is a Cross-platform language which means it allows its developers to run the same code on different OS. 

Being a cross-platform language a Python software written on a Linux system can be easily run on macOS and vice versa. If the Windows PC has the Python interpreter installed, the Python program will run on the Windows PC as well.

Exceptionally Scalable → 

while building a new application, scalability is a big concern as it determines an application’s ability to accept more requests and provide long-term support for security patches and bugs. The developed apps may initiate smaller but may get bigger with time therefore to avoid rewriting of code in future it is essential to choose the right programming language and its framework. Django, one of python's frameworks, is exceptional at scaling which is why it is the prime choice of Spotify, Instagram, YouTube, Quora, Pinterest, and Disqus yet not the only possible one.

Hundreds of Code libraries → 

Code library refers to a set of pre-written reusable codes. Python has a huge code library that allows developers to use pre-written codes and save their time while developing a new program. Developers can reduce initial development cycle, with Python’s freely-accessible pre-written code Library.

Other than standard ones, Python provides a few specific code libraries for natural language processing and machine learning most of which are mature. 

Excellent community support → 

A Python developer can never be stuck enough on his codes to not get relevant help. While numerous programming languages lack documentation and guides Python has it all overflowing in abundance. This is possible because of Python’s strong community support.

For instance, if a Python developer faces a major issue in the approaching deadline, they will never be delayed because of an active community that will help them escape delays. 

A Python community includes international members with varied experiences and skills The community keeps in touch with developers with the help of mail lists.

Keeping up with tech requirements for three decades, today, Python is the prime choice of Netflix, Google, Dropbox, Stripe, Instagram, and Spotify. Even after being referred to as a simple language Python is very powerful. With this in mind, consider Python as our primer choice for software development at W3villa. At W3villa Our Expert developers smartly design, develop, implement & debug the project for cutting edge user experience. You can Hire our technical experts to solve complex business problems and empower your dream by creating customized web solutions to cater to your business model and your target audience. 

Our services are beneficial as:

  • When it comes to Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Python becomes the first choice that is opted.
  • Being a general-purpose language, it can be used for both front-end & back-end development.
  • It easily supports various operating systems like Linux, Mac, Windows, Ubuntu, etc.
  • It has an abundant library collection/modules and frameworks, meaning pre-written codes, which saves a lot of effort & time while coding a program. Save time & effort while creating custom big data solutions.
  • It streamlines complex scientific & numeric applications as it is designed with features that facilitate data analysis & visualization.
  • It is more test-driven as it allows you to create a prototype of the software application quickly.


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