Realtime applications with Node.js

Realtime applications with Node.js

Node.js has enabled JavaScript running on the server, earlier it was used for browser UI/UX coding. Traditionally, web applications worked on request response paradigm making the client always initiate communication. The intervention of Nodejs has made possible the development of web applications with two-way connections, where both the client and server can initiate communication. Apart from many other functionalities, primarily Node.js is a way of running JavaScript on the server.

JavaScript was used for client side programming designing rich UI/UX and languages with different syntax and form were used for server side programming. But knowledge and expertise in two different formats of languages was required for developing a fully functional application. To combat this issue, Nodejs was designed. Employing Nodejs enables working on both server side and client side with skill in one language.

A fundamental principle of Node is enabling processes to run in background. With most server side scripting languages, the program has to wait until each function completes before going on to the next. With Node, you specify dependent functions that should run on completion of some determining process, while the functioning of rest of your application continues.


NPM: Node Package Manager

A package manager called npm was introduced for Node.js library. It comes as the pre-installed package manager for the Node.js server platform. It allows publishing and sharing of Node.js libraries by the community. By organizing the installation and management of third-party Node.js programs, it helps developers build faster.
Node.js uses the Google V8 engine to execute code. V8 compiles source code to native machine code.


Application Areas:

Nodejs can be used to design chat applications, providing queued inputs, designing API, data streaming and employing as server side proxy. It can also be used for stock-trader’s dashboard, application and system monitoring dashboard.

Node.js at W3villa Technologies

Our team with the highly qualified professionals with extensive knowledge in Nodejs follows the path of providing quality standard by putting their experience in result oriented methodology.
The advanced core team works on the technology at both ends with the vision to excel. We create a benchmark in developing software products using Nodejs at entire customer will and satisfaction, where every query is resolved within the day or by 24 hours.
Our work in this language speaks our standard and the team works continuously to upgrade their skills and standard to meet and overcome customer needs and satisfy their demand.

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