Why Ruby on Rails is the Ideal Choice for Enterprise App Development?

Why Ruby on Rails is the Ideal Choice for Enterprise App Development?

There are so many programming languages available nowadays, making it difficult to choose the right option. Ruby on Rails stands out from Java, Python, JavaScript, and other languages when it comes to enterprise application development. Different businesses are making use of Ruby on Rails for enterprise app development, as this technology not only makes the coding task easier but also accelerates product development.

RoR has several advantages that make it an ideal technology for enterprise app development.

Understanding Enterprise App Development

Enterprise app development deals with building applications for business prospects and this is a complex process. The applications are complex, as it includes several components, users, big data and difficult commands to be executed. Deploying enterprise applications is usually done on a cloud platform or within the premises infrastructure of a business network. When designing and developing an enterprise app, there is a limited selection of frameworks to choose from; however, Ruby on Rails enterprise app development is the best option compared to the other development frameworks.

Why Ruby on Rails for Enterprise App Development?

Ruby has several advantages over other technologies that make it perfect for enterprise app development. Some of the advantages of using the RoR framework are:

Scalability- Businesses usually look for growth over time, and thus they want a scalable application. Without scalability, revenue may be restricted in the future; therefore, to overcome this technical issue, using a RoR application is a good idea, as it has the capability to scale. RoR web development services are scalable to a good extent to handle different queries with ease.

Ruby modules- RoR provides ready-made functions, as it has plugins/modules that help in reducing the development time. RubyGems are readymade modules and put away the need to write codes and this saves a lot of time. RubyGems are capable of handling different tasks to deliver the best results. 

Easy updation- Enterprise applications are developed over a long period of time, and software may not last for as long. There is a requirement for updating from time to time, and the Ruby on Rails (RoR) framework supports easy updating. RoR frameworks release a new version every three years, and all you need to do is upgrade the version, which is not a difficult task.

Quick prototyping- Businesses want to go digital to meet the requirement of the customers and this transformation can lead to some loss but RoR technology is exceptionally known for its quick prototyping feature. The products can be launched quickly, safely, and in a perfect way to achieve the goals.

Easy testing environment- The software application must support a quick and easy testing environment, as the early stage of product development requires putting away bugs and malfunctions. A good testing environment supports better quality products and Ruby on Rails completely supports the same. RoR provides a default testing environment with development and production to test the response of the app without the requirement of a real browser.

Code consistency- Ruby helps in easy coding while putting away the complex coding project. RoR helps in providing consistency in code that helps every developer to know as to what is going on in the project. This helps in smooth functioning, as a new developer working on the enterprise app development project can easily get to know how and from where to start work. Several teams can work on the same project to deliver the best and on time. Simple code helps in better functioning.

Other software integration – Enterprise app is a complex product that requires the integration of different components to support smooth working. RoR supports this while avoiding the requirement of a third party. RoR framework provides libraries that support integration. 

RoR community- There is a big community of developers associated with Ruby on Rails, which is an advantage for businesses to find the best options for enterprise application development. You can easily find developers who specialize, have expertise, and experience in Ruby, and are able to handle projects at an affordable price and deliver results on time.

Different Stages of RoR Enterprise App Development

There are different steps that need to be followed for Ruby on Rails Enterprise App development:

  • First, set up the Rails stack, which includes Ruby language, Rails, RubyGems, a database, and an editor.
  • The next step is to choose an ideal database platform among the different possible open-source (SQLite, MySQL) or proprietary (Oracle, SQL Server) options available.
  • Now you need to focus on designing of the application structure where developers can give a rough sketch of the model to connect with the database for better communication.
  • Next is model building and validation.
  • You can go for testing of models in a testing environment that is completely safe.
  • Now comes the most important step to build a user interface that is efficient and provides the best experience to the customers of the products.
  • Finally, you can go for hosting the Ruby on Rails enterprise project

Ruby on Rails Applications

There are so many companies that have used the Ruby on Rails (RoR) framework and have been satisfied. The real-life cases clearly depict the use of the RoR framework in eCommerce apps, CRM platforms, and other marketplaces. Some leading real-life examples of RoR applications include Airbnb, Basecamp, GitHub, Shopify, etc.

  • Airbnb
  • Slideshare
  • Soundcloud
  • Shopify
  • Solidus and many more

Wrap Up!

There is no doubt that the technology market has the best and latest technologies, and Ruby on Rails (RoR) is exceptionally known for enterprise app development. RoR can easily handle complex coding tasks to deliver the best product in less time. Ruby on Rails is capable of meeting the requirements and expectations of enterprises by delivering them the best apps. Companies are using Ruby on Rails development which marks a bright future for this technology. So, anytime you think of enterprise app development, you must think about RoR and the best thing is that you can come across a large number of RoR developers who have good experience. You can expect the best services from these RoR professionals that too within your budget. Make use of the latest technology and contact a Ruby on Rails development company if you need assistance to maximize the benefits of your business.

Prince Pathak

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