Why Typography Plays an Important Role in Mobile & App Development

There are several things that can affect how consumers utilize your app. Making a strong first impression and establishing the mood for the user experience can both be accomplished with typography.

What precisely is typography, then?

It entails organizing and presenting the app design in a readable and appealing manner. Point sizes, line spacing, and font styles are examples of this.

Therefore, the choice of font style and sizes can significantly affect how readable the text is, which in turn contributes to a visually appealing user experience. The effectiveness of the user's interactions with the app is crucial.

Before heading to the importance of typography for your mobile app development project. 

8 Typography Design Elements to Know

Here are the 8 core typography design elements to pay attention to for creating a great user experience.

  • Font size: The user may get eye strain from reading text that is too small, or they may have to pinch and zoom in, which is highly uncomfortable. Given that mobile screens are constrained in what they can perform, it is crucial to consider their size and interface design. However, very large writing can fill the entire screen and can be very annoying. Users must experience a nice balance and it could be achieved by adopting the best mobile app development services

  • Line Length: The number of characters per line is relevant here. For mobile devices, 30–40 characters are the ideal range to use. Line length and font size are inversely correlated; the more letters on a line, the smaller the font size will become to fit the screen. For example, if you have 60 characters per line, the text will be too closely spaced out, making it challenging for users to understand the content. Users would ultimately need to pinch the screen to zoom in to read the material in this scenario. 

If you face any difficulty related to implementing line length, consider a mobile app development company to do it for you!

  • Font Size: It's a major problem if a user can't read the text that is presented on the app. Although the user can view the text by zooming, doing so is unnecessary as the text provided is maintained at the proper size. People today use a variety of devices; therefore, it is important to select a size that is larger than a standard website.

  • Font Space: Given the reduced screen size, space is essential when designing mobile apps for your customers. We must include an equal amount of horizontal and vertical space between letters because people use tablets and iPads. By keeping this in mind, you can utilize a large font size to make your message clear and easy to read for the user.

  • Responsiveness: The responsiveness of typography must be taken into account because device screens come in a variety of sizes. The type in responsive fonts can be resized by the user and the size of the screen. The optimum user experience may be achieved by planning with a responsive grid because it will automatically adjust to the size of the user's screen. To ensure quick response, you can consider hiring the best mobile app development services to attract, engage, and convert your visitors.

  • Kerning: Kerning is defined as the spacing between two particular characters or letters. The fundamental goal of kerning is to balance the appearance of whitespace between characters and achieve a balance between characters
  • Tracking: Another typographic app component utilized by the top mobile app development company is to create better experiences is tracking. It is also referred to as letter spacing and is defined as the distance between two distinct blocks of text.
  • Hierarchy: The prominence of your typographic app pieces in relation to one another also affects hierarchy, which goes beyond just size. Although three levels of hierarchy are frequently used in web design, mobile developers should be cautious about this since it can result in a cluttered user experience on a smaller screen.
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