Benefits of Hiring Spree Commerce Agency for Your eCommerce Project

Benefits of Hiring Spree Commerce Agency for Your eCommerce Project

It is not surprising that more than 65% of millennials prefer to shop online versus in-store shopping.

The emergence of numerous platforms with features and built-in functionalities that help developers create incredible online eCommerce websites has also been facilitated by this trend.

Every stage of establishing an eCommerce application demands technical consideration, from constructing the software to creating a database management system for order processing.

This is where the importance of Spree Commerce comes in!

What is Spree Commerce?

The cutting-edge open-sourced Ruby on Rails framework Spree Commerce is designed exclusively for e-commerce websites. It paves the way for highly configurable e-commerce websites, like online shops or marketplaces, to provide clients with a highly tailored online shopping experience.

Some of the advantages of using Spree Commerce for your online store

Since Spree has a small code base, it can assist you in creating a storefront that is not too heavy. All the operations and development-related activities are made simple for you by using only roughly 45K lines of code.

On your eCommerce store, Spree manages high traffic density and handles server requests quite rapidly. In general, your server may be able to manage multiple requests at once, but in the event of an unexpected traffic spike, its performance may be negatively impacted. Spree handles this circumstance.

Ruby on Rails, a programming language that promotes high efficiency and sustainable programming, is the foundation upon which Spree is constructed. Therefore, compared to how Magento is for PHP developers, Spree is more developer-friendly for Rails developers.

Reasons to Choose a Dedicated Spree Commerce Agency for Your eCommerce Store

Here is the list of the reasons to choose a dedicated spree commerce agency for your upcoming eCommerce store.

  • Large and Helpful Community

Spree Commerce is an open-source platform that is maintained by a sizable community of experienced engineers, agencies, and volunteers who improve the system, add new features, make new extensions, roll out new releases, and address problems.

Additionally, you may always contact them for assistance by filing a pull request or an issue, and the Spree core team will be there to help you with any persistent problems.

The email list, yearly Spree conference, free workshops, training, and GitHub pages of Spree Commerce are other resources where you can get relevant information. If you run into any issues with the application, you may join the community and benefit from Spree's professional advice.

Additionally, choosing a dedicated spree development agency may offer a comprehensive library of user manuals and documentation that is accessible and very beneficial to start-up companies.

  • Mobile Friendly

By default, Spree Commerce is mobile-friendly. You don't have to start from scratch when implementing that functionality, which saves you time and money.

The only mobile e-commerce development platform that has been thoroughly tested for interoperability with every mobile device and every operating system is Spree Commerce. It is incredibly responsive and provides the same high-quality experience on smartphones as it does on desktops. 

Given the limited processing power, usability, and battery consumption of mobile devices, Spree makes it simple to incorporate responsive design components and optimize the site for portable devices. Due to Spree's high level of connectivity with mobile devices, a dedicated spree commerce agency may help build you a mobile-friendly app that attracts your target audience and turn them into potential customers. 

  • Highly Scalable

High scalability is another well-liked Spree characteristic, and because of this feature, Spree is mostly suggested for e-commerce websites. The number of queries your application can handle in a specific amount of time is known as scalability. Spree is a very reliable framework that can handle massive amounts of traffic without affecting response times. It supports various industry-standard benchmarks and more than 30,000 goods. With quick and simple access to the website, it has demonstrated its capacity to handle many users' queries at once through volume-testing procedures. 

Therefore, compared to other paid development solutions or platforms, an e-commerce shop created on Spree Commerce by a leading spree commerce development agency can handle high volumes of traffic better.

  • Easy Order Processing

Right out of the box, Spree supports a lot more payment channels, including PayPal, eWay, Stripe, Braintree, Skrill, and more. Because Spree Development can simply link with many payment systems, managing orders is made simple. Due to the design of the platforms, the dashboard provides extra functions like a quick order management system, monitoring payment methods, and aids in the effective sorting of products. It's one of the few truly delightful systems to use because of its extremely easy functionality for better control.

  • Easy payment integration: 

The Spree Commerce platform's simple payment integration is another well-liked feature. More than 125 payment processors, including American Express Card, Paypal, Stripe, and numerous others are available for addition. Because the majority of processors support international transactions, it also permits international payments. 

When you outsource your eCommerce project to an agency, you may rest assured that they can integrate hassle-free payment integration services into your eCommerce app. 


Spree Commerce is a solid platform and open-source framework for giving your consumers a top-notch buying experience. Ruby on Rails may be used to build a highly customized platform, and it improves your eCommerce capabilities. Therefore, Spree development is an affordable way to increase your sales and earnings.

Looking for spree commerce solutions for your e-commerce business needs? If so, your search ends here!

W3Villa is a leading spree commerce development company that is specialized in providing 100% measurable, dependable, and cost-effective eCommerce solutions that help increase your traffic, revenue, engagement, and brand persona. 

W3villa Technologies

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