How Cloud Computing can do Wonders to eCommerce Business?

How Cloud Computing can do Wonders to eCommerce Business?

Covid time has been challenging for all of us but at the same time, it has been really favorable for the eCommerce market. Since covid time, customers prefer buying products of their choice via quick online shopping features while availing good discounts. E-commerce sites provide a good platform for buyers to purchase products at a genuine price but at the same time these eCommerce platforms also face problems like a decrease in speed, delay in delivery of products, high technical expenses, and a lot of traffic on the site, and other such issues, especially during the festival sale time. The E-commerce world looks forward to cloud computing, as it is capable of addressing and overcoming the different problems faced by eCommerce platforms. Cloud computing can be really helpful for managing eCommerce websites, as it can handle the traffic, manage a database of information, look for queries, and help to ease the other tedious workings.

There is no doubt about it that covid has led to a surge in the eCommerce market that has made eCommerce sales reach $5.86 trillion in the year 2022 with the further market to rise by $17.53 trillion by 2030.

Why Cloud Computing is an Ideal Technology for eCommerce Business?

Among so many industries it has been noticed that cloud computing is unique in its built. There are several benefits of cloud computing technology that make it a perfect option for eCommerce businesses. Let’s have a quick glance through the different advantages of this technology-

Enhanced speed- As discussed above, eCommerce websites usually face a problem with speed, especially during peak season and the cloud provides fast loading speeds to overcome this problem. If a site takes more than 3 seconds to load it is noticed that 40% of the users usually move to the other sites and here cloud computing technology plays a good role, as it provides larger bandwidth, more storage space, and better computational ability. A site with excellent speed results in the best sales and therefore cloud computing fits perfectly for eCommerce sites.

Cost efficient- The companies that have just started in the eCommerce business usually face the major problem of cost. Companies can now avail the option of pay as you consume model that helps them in cost cutting of expenditure on different IT infrastructures like facilities, data centers, hardware, and others. To handle cloud computing operations there is no requirement for big IT teams and the services can be outsourced to a cloud provider. The companies in turn can save money that can be invested in other areas to make their business successful.

Better safety and security- A customer enjoys quick and easy shopping but not at the cost of the trust being breached. To ensure tight security and safety of the customers on the eCommerce platforms it is important to have a robust and reliable IT infrastructure. Cloud computing helps in building trust among buyers by transmitting PII, payment, and other details in a secure way. Cloud technology supports PCI-DSS certificate hosting while protecting eCommerce portals from DDoS attacks. Different tools are also provided by cloud service providers to run analytics and encryption methods for better security. Also, cloud eCommerce can maintain the utmost safety of customers’ valuable information like payment details, addresses, and passwords which enables it to keep the business information safe as well.

Scalability- Cloud computing provides an ideal platform for eCommerce sites to create their presence at their own pace according to their business growth. This technology allows the sites to upscale or downscale according to the website traffic. All kinds of resources can be used according to the demand without the need for extra staff/service. The technology also allows users to opt for scalable settings on automation. Changes are done automatically to ensure a smooth shopping experience for the buyers on the website.

Artificial Learning and Machine Learning- AI and ML together can-do wonders, as these two technologies offer better personalization, inventory management, site search and much more. Cloud computing technology plays a good role here, as it allows companies to store data points on a platform that can be analyzed by the AI algorithms. 

Stability- E-commerce sites are quick in terms of marketing and pricing to make it easy for the buyers to quickly return to the sites to buy new products/services. As discussed above seasonal/discount offers can lead to access web traffic that can affect site stability. Cloud computing supports stable and better performance which is beneficial for eCommerce websites.

Steps to Integrate Cloud Services in eCommerce

The basic steps to implement cloud services in eCommerce include-

Identifying the reasons for opting for cloud-based eCommerce solutions- The organization needs to be clear about the problem it is facing and why it wants to use cloud-based eCommerce solutions. The average traffic to the site must be known and there should be clarity for the requirement of a cloud-based system. The focus should be on the further improvement of the app’s performance. 

Building a base/platform- After finding the primary reason for the cloud-based eCommerce platform there is a need to build the platform in such a way that there is a user flow and a perfect combination of technology. This helps to form an architecture that is scalable to host different products while the cloud is the center of development.

Planning- Now comes the level to decide on the usage and automation. You can find answers to questions like- level of eCommerce in cloud usage? Departments using eCommerce cloud solutions? and other such relevant questions. After finding answers to such questions, you can move towards cloud integration to overcome a few areas while developing a scope for upcoming technologies. 

Validation of the results-Once cloud eCommerce is all set, you can track the results and share the same on a secured platform. Cloud computing in eCommerce has been successful for small, medium, and large-scale businesses.

Final Say!

As an eCommerce development company, we understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve in terms of technology. Cloud computing is one of the most significant technological advancements that can do wonders for eCommerce businesses. However, implementing it in your business requires careful planning and consideration. If you want to see remarkable growth in your eCommerce business, implementing cloud computing technology is the way to go. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you leverage the cloud for your eCommerce success.

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