How To Increase Shopify Sales With A Mobile App?

How To Increase Shopify Sales With A Mobile App?

It is true that there is a lot of competition among the different eCommerce platforms and it becomes really difficult to decide on the best eCommerce platform, that is ideal for your business. Well! Shopify can be the answer to your business, as it is the best and fastest growing eCommerce platform that can be really beneficial for your business. 

It is worth stating that according to BuiltWith, the number of live sites using Shopify is 1,868,930 and this is how Shopify tends to be the best and ideal eCommerce platform across the globe. Also, in the United States, Shopify controls 31% of the total e-commerce market share. At the moment, it is the fastest-growing eCommerce platform while being searched for eCommerce solutions on Google the most.

Making sure that the products are selling is the responsibility of the manager; however, having an eCommerce website is not enough. To maximize the potential of an online store, a website alone cannot help you to grow your Shopify store, as there is a requirement for a mobile app. 

The market plays an important role in dictating the usage of mobile apps, as customers across the globe prefer to shop via their mobile phones. This indicates that both small and medium businesses will benefit from a mobile app. It hardly matters what you're selling and to which industry your business belongs; Shopify stores have a requirement for a mobile app. There is a misunderstanding that mobile commerce apps are only used by global chains and enterprise stores. To let you know, Shopify is competing with a well-known brand like Amazon.

Shopify is the Top Choice

Having unique features and so many advantages makes Shopify the top choice in the e-commerce market. To increase the sales on your Shopify store you must use the mobile app, as this will help you engage the customers and boost the revenue. 

How to boost sales on Shopify using Mobile App

There are a few points that you need to know and follow if you want to enhance Shopify sales via the mobile app. Some of the points worth discussing are:

Engaging via Notifications - It has been noticed that a conversation via email with your customer is not very effective, and the best way of direct communication is to send a notification. This is the biggest advantage of a mobile app for any eCommerce brand: people spend a lot of time on their mobile phones, and for sure your notification will be read. This is how experts use this strategy to increase Shopify sales.

Loyalty Program -This program provides you with a good platform to increase sales and earn well, as it offers extra benefits to regular customers who frequently purchase from your store. Other stores also have a loyalty program and provide good discounts as well as offers from time to time. Shopify developers usually recommend this program while asking business owners to begin with it to build audience engagement.

Single Click Purchasing - To avoid changing the customer's mindset to buy a specific product, you must try to keep the online shopping procedure simple and less time-consuming. Asking for too many details can frustrate the customer, resulting in a loss of sales. Usually, the basic process for purchasing an item covers the following steps:

  • Find product
  • Add to cart
  • Navigate to cart
  • Entering name details
  • Contact information
  • Email
  • Billing information
  • Shipping information
  • Checkout

Now, you can imagine the frustration of the buyer, as so many steps have to be followed to purchase an item. To overcome this problem, experienced and professional Shopify developers from a company like ValueCoders can be hired for the best eCommerce software solutions. 

Customer Personalization - It is true that a shopping app gives you a better and clearer picture of your audience, letting you know the types of categories in which they show interest and preference. Using a mobile app for your Shopify store to enhance revenue is the biggest advantage, as it will build a better marketing strategy to increase your revenue. For instance, a user added some products to the cart to buy but did not end up making the purchase. To encourage the user to buy those products, you can offer special or discounted prices. You can easily get a store built with all the features by hiring dedicated and professional Shopify developers.

Options for Flexible Payment - Shopping is directly proportional to the mode of payment; as a customer, one will only purchase if the mode of payment suits them. Therefore, the customer must be given a choice of different payment options. A mobile app perfectly fits here, as it gives different payment choices to the customers to buy products. Some customers prefer using debit or credit cards, while some like to make payments via UPI or net banking. Payment options are usually helpful in web applications, but customers who have mobile phones can easily make payments via UPI, making it an effortless process compared to using a web application. So, to develop an app, Shopify programmers must be able to build different payment options, such as credit cards and Apple Pay.

  • PayPal
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • All major Debit Cards
  • All major Credit Cards
  • Venmo
  • Gift Cards

The best part is that all these paid apps are available for both iOS and Android mobile devices, allowing users to quickly and safely integrate payment functionality and payment gateways via the application. Sometimes only a fingerprint is needed for conversion, and the check-out is very quick. The eCommerce website development companies must ensure, while developing a Shopify store, that they integrate different payment options to make the checkout process easy and quick.

Referral Program - For mobile apps, a referral program is the best thing, although this program might not be an ideal option to promote an application on the web. A simple promotion among customers from your end can do wonders.  For instance, you can provide incentives or offers to customers who spread or suggest your brand to others. You can see monetary benefits and the best thing is that you can customize the campaigns according to your requirement to suit your brand image. 

The referral program is successful via mobile, as it is easy to send mass referrals after integrating with the contact list. Integration can also be done with social media platforms to allow customers to share promotional codes on their profiles. The major benefit of this program is that it produces a continuous cycle of new referrals while holding customer acquisition costs low and ROI high at the same time.

Customer Convenience - Your motive should be to keep your customers happy and for this, your app should be the top choice among customers so that they don’t go anywhere else. It is the user convenience that makes apps perform better than websites. To keep your customers happy, some of the other benefits covered include...

  • Better deals
  • Personalized content
  • Stored settings
  • Speed
  • Benefits and rewards

It is for sure that the benefits mentioned above cannot be recreated from a website or a mobile site but the customer experience will surely be more reliable for a mobile app. A happy customer always shows good trust in the same store where he/she enjoyed shopping and this is important for any business. It is mobile sales that make it easy to reach the initial investment required to create an app for a Shopify store, developed by some of the best eCommerce development companies.

Customer Services - As mentioned earlier, a customer is friendly with their mobile phone and, with the help of the mobile Commerce app, they can easily keep track of their products. The app shows the product's status at different stages: when it is shipped, out for delivery, and delivered. When it comes to customer convenience it is the mobile commerce app that is able to provide better customer service. Notifications are also sent once the product is shipped and delivered and this feature keeps the customer completely updated. The mobile app ensures a smooth functioning of the whole process from buying the product to getting it delivered. Customers are free to raise queries to change the delivery address or make a return and ask for a refund. You must ensure that returning and refunding are easy to do. If a customer encounters issues when returning or refunding, then there is less of a likelihood that they will return to your Shopify store in the future.

Augmented Reality - The trend of Augmented Reality has been at the top in the technology world; however, it may not be for everyone, although some have utilized the advantages of this technology to achieve good sales. The functioning of app uses the device's camera to project purchases in the real world onto the screen, and this is not difficult to understand. For example, to choose a dress, the customer can use augmented reality (AR) to see how it looks and customize it using AR. Shopify developers are being asked by many retailers and online businesses to build an app using this technology.

Last Say!

Before winding up, retailers who are happy with the Shopify store web application must understand the potential of their Shopify store and make use of mobile application development to expand their sales exponentially. The points discussed above will certainly upgrade your business in every aspect, but it is only possible through the use of a Shopify mobile app.

Amrendra Pratap Singh

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