Top Reasons Why Ruby on Rails Is Great for eCommerce Development

Top Reasons Why Ruby on Rails Is Great for eCommerce Development

To build a rich and dynamic website, you must opt for a robust and adaptable development platform, like Ruby on Rails. E-commerce projects are supported by RoR, as it follows the MVC process: a model-view-controller that supports multiple features of e-commerce development. The logic of an application is separated by the MVC architectural pattern into three major components: models, views, and controllers. This is a major advantage of this language, as it allows software developers to make quick changes to each piece individually without needing to touch other parts of the application. RoR web application framework is one of a kind, as it is written in the Ruby programming language which is one of the best-oriented programming languages.

E-Commerce platforms running on Ruby on Rails

RoR has completely changed the modern web application development process while making it more efficient and this is the reason why companies are using RoR across the globe for e-commerce websites. RoR is helping businesses quickly create and manage their online stores to enhance their business. Among the different Rails platforms available, one can look for the best platform according to their requirements that has all the beneficial features. The different tools and plugins allow RoR eCommerce platforms to manage the websites easily while reducing the complexities. This technology is helping business organizations to focus on the best development while saving time and cost. Some of the renowned RoR eCommerce platforms are:

Solidus- A full-featured, open-source eCommerce platform offering all the features needed to create an online shopping portal built on Ruby on Rails.

BigCommerce- It is customizable and allows you to design your own eCommerce website without any coding. You can give your website a unique look.

Shopify Plus- It allows you to sell the goods online as well as physically while providing a customizable shopping cart. You can set up an online store with this in very less time ready for sale. 

Spree Commerce- It allows quick development of eCommerce websites, as it is a highly flexible RoR shopping cart system. This eCommerce platform allows you to build an online store with multiple features. 

Ruby on Rails E-Commerce Platforms

Ruby on Rails has different eCommerce platforms available to serve the requirements of different businesses. Although RoR E-commerce platforms are best suited for B2C and B2B models, some of the other RoR eCommerce platforms are-

Business to business- In this model the online eCommerce services and products are offered to the businesses directly without focusing on the customers, as it is B2B.

Business to consumer- In this model, eCommerce websites focus on the customers directly, providing them with the best online shopping experience. Customers can buy the products of their choice directly as it is B2C.

Subscription-based- In this model the eCommerce website provides products that can be purchased on a subscription basis. 

Business to business to consumer- B2B2C provides products and services directly to customers. B2B2C companies sell products through direct sales channels or affiliate marketing. 

Why is Ruby on Rails ideal for E-Commerce Development?

The reasons why RoR is turning out to be an ideal option for eCommerce business covers:

Flexible- RoR uses MVC architecture and this provides a good flexibility that allows the developers to quickly make the changes. New programming languages can also be used for adding functions and changes can also easily be done in the applications. 

Security- Every eCommerce website wants 100% security, as it has crucial data that needs to be kept safe and secure from hackers. RoR makes use of default salted and hashed user passwords that cannot be hacked or cracked. Hash passwords cannot be reverted to plain text, which increases security.

Easy coding- RoR makes use of the MVC architecture and for this manual coding is not required. Complex and lengthy codes are no longer a requirement and this saves a lot of time and effort of the developers. Programmers using Java or PHP as the programming language spend more time on coding as compared to the RoR language. RoR programming language helps in saving time and cost.

Free open source- Cost is usually a major concern for every business and RoR is a free open-source framework. You need not spend a penny and modify the source code according to your requirements. 

Easy to learn- Developers can easily learn and use the powerful framework, Ruby on Rails, which has several built-in features. Building an eCommerce website using Ruby on Rails doesn't take much time and effort, as it allows developers to quickly add, edit, and replace code whenever necessary.

Resources and tools- If building an online store with all the technological features is your requirement, then Ruby on Rails is an ideal option. There are many tools and resources offered by Ruby on Rails that increase the overall performance of eCommerce websites.

Mobile application- RoR also supports mobile applications, as you can make use of the Ruby Enterprise Edition (REE) for building mobile applications for platforms like iOS and Android. To build these mobile apps, you do not need to learn programming languages like Swift or Java.

No vendor lock in- You can easily move applications from one hosting provider to another while using the RoR framework for your eCommerce website. Support is provided for RoR apps by hosting providers and in case more space is required the applications can be moved to other platforms without changing the source code.

RoR community- Several RoR developers are now associated with Ruby on Rails, as it is widely used for web application development. You can easily find RoR developers and the RoR community is well-experienced, as it can access books, tutorials, and other informative sources to deliver the best services for a project.

Extensible features- The extensibility of RoR allows it to provide an ideal platform for building a scalable eCommerce website. RoR apps are easily extendable, as they make use of gems to add various features. Incorporating gems allows you to keep the application up-to-date while enhancing other functions. Furthermore, RoR is a simple platform that can efficiently maintain applications without any problem, and your website also requires minimal maintenance.

Final Say!

There are so many other frameworks available for E-Commerce development, but Ruby on Rails (RoR) is exceptionally known for its advantages that satisfy both developers and businesses. To develop an easy-to-use and affordable e-commerce project, you should opt for RoR, as it will meet your requirements in every aspect. Presently, some renowned e-commerce portals are using the RoR framework, and in the future, others will soon join the race.

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