Spree Vs Magento Vs Shopify

Spree Vs Magento Vs Shopify


SpreeCommerce is a Ruby on Rails based e-commerce solution with additional functionality which allows for rapid development. It is easy to use demanding no specialization in any platform.

  • SpreeCommerce is easy to pick up and does not require specialization.
  • It provides extensions for additional functionality and easy to use admin.
  • The core is open source and sustained by the community.


Shopify is another option that is easy to perform, offers low-customization options, good for small business organizations.

  • No access to the code makes it less flexible to make changes.
  • Constraints on functionality exist.
  • Shopify is a hosted solution.
  • Shopify is a commercial product (you need to pay for it).


Magento is a feature rich platform with a recognized score. Being used by many large retailers, the platform is possessed by eBay which ensures it isn’t likely to go anywhere. To perform efficiently, you will need developers with specific skills.

  • The admin is complex to use requiring essential official training resulting in a steep learning curve.
  • While using Magento it becomes mandatory to provide your hosting, install, setup and configure everything before you can begin with creating your store.
  • Magento Community is a free, open-source software, but for the enterprise eddition you have to pay.


SpreeCommerce is an e-commerce solution built with Ruby on Rails. It consists of several gems, each of which are maintained in a single repository. The gems are designed in a way to work together and provide a fully functional e-commerce platform.

Magento uses MYSQL relational database management system and PHP programming language. It applies the object oriented programming and model-view-controller architecture. If you don’t know much about coding, Magento isn’t a good selection.

Shopify make use of their own programming language. Liquid is a Ruby based template language used in conjunction with HTML and CSS. The use of this self-created language appears as a misstep.


COST: Shopify builds are less expensive than SpreeCommerce which are even less expensive than Magento. Also, Magento is much heavy weight than most other e-commerce platforms making hosting too expensive.

SPECIALIZATION: Shopify would not be a good option for you if you are not good at coding. Magento also requires extensive skills in HTML/CSS for customization purposes. SpreeCommerce is easier to come by.

CUSTOMIZATION: Shopify has restricted customization options, limited template library with only 200 templates being offered. SpreeCommerce is the best for the expansion stage of your business when you know what you want and have several customization requirements.

Ishank Gupta

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