Christmas Beyond COVID: The Global Holiday in 2020

Christmas Beyond COVID: The Global Holiday in 2020

Back again is that time of the year which is highly anticipated by billions globally. It is the season when the only work people do is to travel hundreds of miles to spend a few happy moments with their loved ones. You know what time is it? Right! It's time for Christmas, the celebrations for which start weeks earlier by decorating the Christmas trees and purchasing gifts for loved ones.

Markets buckle up with beautiful ornaments, for the thousand of last-minute shoppers, who strive hard to be a part of the festivities, and the streets are adorned with mesmerizing festive lights. The savor of the freshly baked cookies and the Christmas traditions of the presents and the family gatherings keep the little Hearts excited for days. 

However, even after Christmas is the time to rejoice, it will be completely different in 2020 due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak which has already claimed millions of lives and doesn’t seem to slow down any soon.

Yet being hopeful in the pandemic and contradicting the scenario people are connecting virtually to each other in different corners across the globe.
Looking at virtual scenarios and enthusiastic internet usage to connect, we at W3villa, aim to continue and expand our services across the globe too. 

Gaining its inception through W3 representing all the web technologies and Villa denoting one stop for all the world wide web solutions W3villa is a software development company that specializes in various frameworks for software development as well as blockchain and cryptocurrency development and consultation services.

Even after being completely virtual for over a year our services have empowered numerous brands across the world and assisted in business growth to achieve competitive advantages. For us, software development is a fine art that requires the application of various languages in a way that leads to remarkable service and impeccable client relationships. Therefore, as art cannot be limited, we expanded our horizons to the virtual world for cutting edge customer service and aim to continue our services in the holiday season to assist in booming your business. 

Believing in the uniqueness of every business and its requirements, our developers work seamlessly to deliver unique solutions for every need. 

Expertising the web and mobile app development, and introducing Defi development and consultation service to the list, W3villa consists of a group of passionate technical experts who not only focus on work but also have fun while at it. We have a team of experts from 9 to 5 and talented singers, stand-up comedians, musicians, and whatnot after 5!

We believe in making the workplace more interesting and engaging for our colleagues, for which, we celebrate every aspect of life to the fullest. We convert every occasion to an opportunity to break the workplace monotony and freshen up thought processes.

At W3villa Pvt. Ltd. each one’s hard work is highly appreciated and no efforts are unnoticed. Having a lively work culture, even virtually is what keeps our developers engaged and motivates them to reap better with each step of development. 

W3villa Technologies

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