Hackathon 2017 - First Hackathon Event

Hackathon Challenge: September 2017

Through multiple awards and achievements, W3villa Technologies has been well known in the software development industry for its intelligent and innovative work. This accomplishment has made us one of the leading software development companies in India. Hence, in order to uphold this leadership in the software industry, we strive not to leave any stone unturned. Through regular and collaborative efforts, it has always been ensured at W3villa Technologies that there is both qualitative and quantitative enhancement in our services. Keeping our motto "Continuous Improvement" in mind, we conducted our first Hackathon event in September 2017, which was a real success!

First Hackathon Projects

W3villa conducted its first Hackathon event with with great enthusiasm. The competition involved four interesting projects worked upon and delivered by four respective teams. One project, headed by Mr. Afzal involved work on the development of a mobile application for Simmpli. Simmpli.com is a team and project management software developed by W3villa Technologies. Another project, headed by Ms. Nikita involved a major re-development of the blogging platform of the W3villa website. This included making the provision for the blog posts to be more user-interactive and informative! The third project, headed by Mr. Mohd. Irfan was aimed at even a greater task to create a full-fledged website within this six-hour time! The purpose of the website was to provide ample and ideal IT consultancy.

The winner team & its project

Hackathon winners

Finally, the last, and the winner team was the one headed by Mr. Amrendra, which consisted of three other members: Mr. Ankur, Mr. Manish, and Mr. Prabhjot. The main challenge they undertook was the development of "AI(Artificial Intelligence) enabled chat feature" within Slightz. Slightz is a customer communication platform for websites. The different tasks involved in the project were to update the User Interface of the app, improve its functioning, development of chat history module and home page, and finally the logo design. This tool has been developed to help webmasters interact with their website visitors. This is of great importance to the webmasters as it enables them to interact with their audience, and ultimately the customers!

W3villa Technologies was established with a vision to serve the software development industry with excellence and sincerity. Over the years, W3villa Technologies has been providing the best software solutions to its clients. Our clients are located around the globe, having different requirements, priorities, and functions. This clearly reflects our broad expertise as we have been working on a number of software platforms and technologies. This blog series related to W3villa Hackathons has been created to throw some light at the masterpieces that W3villains create while competing in the Hackathon events being conducted here at W3villa Technologies. Do follow our blogs for more updates!

Shivam Mittal

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