Hackathon 2017 - Second Hackathon Event

Hackathon Challenge: December 2017

The second Hackathon event organised at W3villa Technologies fortunately turned out to be really productive! This was because the projects involved with it were fairly both exciting and challenging at the same time. The entire event, including all the competitors was inspired by the success and the competition of the previous hackathon, back in September this year. Thus, in order to evaluate our capabilities again and to appreciate the excellence of our experts, this hackathon started with much enthusiasm in the morning. Essentially, the motto of each team member was to compete more with his/her own capabilities, than with others.

Second Hackathon Projects

After several discussions and meetings, the excited teams began working on their respective cool hackathon projects. One team was headed by Mr. Amrendra which, like the last time was dedicated to mark a revolution in the field of customer communication platforms. They added some extra-ordinary features, including multi-window chat and multimedia chat to the Slightz app, a platform based on customer communication through websites. On the other side of the hall, the team under Mr. Shreenath was building something really beneficial to the human resource departments. They built an examination module to help ease the recruitment processes for new hirings! The next team, which was under Mr. Mohd. Irfan was busy optimising the design of Simmpli, a team management app built by W3villa Technologies. This involved designing some exemplary components for the website like social interactivity.

The winner team & its project

Hackathon winners

The team which won the hackathon competition was under the guidance of Mr. Afzal, with Mr. Gopal, Mr. Ojaswi, and Mr. Piyush as its members. Their imagination led them to build a totally unique stuff for web programmers! Their team built a remarkable software development tool for saving and retrieving one's programming codes across different devices. At par with its function, it was christened as "Sync-snip" This tool has been built in the form of a plug-in for Sublime Text 3. Hence, this exceptional idea brought them the title of the winning team, and also led to the conception of a competent trend in web development!

W3villa Technologies is proud to one of be the pioneer software development companies in India with respect to a couple of latest software technologies, including blockchain development. Besides that, we are also the industry leaders in several other existing software trends including Human Resource software development, E-commerce website development, ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) software development, and many others. On the actual portfolio of W3villa Technologies, there are present numerous such projects which involved some of the major challenges in software development. We believe that these challenges are something that we can learn much from. Do follow our blogs for more updates.

Shivam Mittal

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