Spree Commerce or Magento- How to Take the Right Decision?

Spree Commerce or Magento- How to Take the Right Decision?

Over a period of time, we have seen a cold war between both platforms. From developers to businesses, all are over them. But why do we need this tug-of-war?

Both Spree & Magento are different CMS platforms and offer different features. Based on their differences and the kind of website a customer wants, it becomes easy to choose from the two.

So, What’s the difference!

Spree Commerce 

Owned by First Data, this open-source eCommerce framework is market-proven, rich in functionalities and has an active community dedicated to make this platform better day by day.


  1. Build and maintain your online store with features like re-usable components, quick product listing, wishlists, etc. 
  2. For brands looking for flexible, quick and affordable eCommerce, then Spree Commerce development is a viable choice.
  3. Spree platform is built with Ruby on Rails, hence you need to hire spree commerce developers in creating & deploying your website.
  4. Flexible payment methods.
  5. Microservices & Integration Support with REST API1, REST API2, and GraphQL.
  6. The platforms allow easy configuration of social media platforms & SEO support.


  1. Better customizable solutions to create an ideal store for brands/businesses.
  2. 3rd party payment gateway integrations and multi-vendor marketplace.
  3. Control the functionalities, architecture and run a scalable & future-proof store.
  4. Extensive support package with Ruby on Rails community offering its dependable support.
  5. Powerful back-end admin module which is light, fast, and flexible.


  1. Multi-site Architecture
  2. Flexible and Responsive Storefront Designs
  3. Comprehensive API
  4. Open Source Community & Training and Support
  5. Country-Specific Payments
  6. Reports & Analytics Dashboard
  7. Product Configuration
  8. Customization Options


Now owned by Adobe, this e-commerce platform offers amazing features and tools. It offers enough flexibility to configure stores of your choice. 


  1. Customize the back-end of your website and manage inventory & website content.
  2. Create a website that is compatible with both mobile and desktop. Possibility to search your store based on category, price and even color. 
  3. Avail unlimited extensions built by the Magento community - vouchers, discounts, reviews etc.
  4. Integrate payment gateway, handle returns, send newsletters and emails. 
  5. It offers Digital marketing tools like promotions based on demography, product reviews, SEO recommendations and more. 
  6. Hire Magento developers who are proficient in the language & the techniques to create your website.


  1. Personalize the usability of the online store and shopping cart with Magento SOAP v2 API. Test & implement new tools, and manage sales, orders, products, category, and customers.
  2. Create Native apps for both Android & iPhone devices.
  3. Segregate & send various offers and content to your audience based on their buying patterns, shopping carts, and their activity. Send coupons and discounts with emails & newsletters.
  4. Create Seo-friendly URLs, meta descriptions, meta keywords, google site map, etc. 
  5. With secured data encryption, keep all the transactions safe. The platform supports an ample amount of transaction due to its constant bandwidth and full-page caching.


  1. Web Designing
  2. Shopping Cart
  3. Product & Order Management
  4. Multiple Websites
  5. Mobile Commerce
  6. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  7. Customer Service
  8. Marketing, Analytics & Reports

There’s more to Spree & Magento other than their age-old war. Both the platforms stand strong with what they have to offer. It’s all a matter of choice that is dependent on what kind of website needs to be created.

If you feel that we have a missed a point or two, feel free to let us know about them.

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